Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Talenti Gelato & Sorbet

First things first--I know I haven't posted for an obscene amount of time. I debated closing this blog, but then decided it against it.

Instead of closing it, I think I'll post on it every now and then, and open it up to others who would like to throw in their two cents. (If anyone wants to write, just email me!) For now, ever since moving back to NYC, Ash and I discovered gelato that has single-handedly added inches to our waistline--

Talenti Gelato and Sorbet is absolutely delicious! Obviously, some flavors are better than others, but the Double Dark Chocolate might be one of my favorite gelato flavors ever. It's not cheap (we typically pay between $5-6 for a pint), but it's worth it. Also, they come in hard plastic screw-top containers, so once the gelato is finished, I've found lots of good uses for the containers. (They currently house cardamom and bay leaves in my cabinet.)

I don't like my gelato very sweet, so most of their flavors are too sweet for me. That being said, I LOVE the double dark chocolate, and highly recommend everyone try it if you like dark chocolate.

Here are the flavors we've tried so far:

Double Dark Chocolate: Amazing. Get this one first.
Roman Raspberry: Tastes just like sweetened fresh raspberries. I wish it wasn't so sweet, but still delicious.
Caribbean Coconut: Also too sweet for me, but Ash loves this one.
Caramel Cookie Crunch: Super sweet. We're going to try using this one up in milkshakes--I think they would taste amazing.

I'm keeping my eyes open for the Mediterranean Mint--haven't seen it yet, but am dying to try it.

You can find them at Whole Foods--we also buy them at a small market next to our building called "Jubilee."

Don't blame me if you're now craving gelato...

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